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We deliver affordable housing & community infrastructure projects based on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles.

AYR Green Energy

AYR Green Energy

AYR Green Datacentres

AYR Green Datacentres

AYR Smarter Communities

AYR Smarter Communities

the need for change

Demand for sustainable investments is outstripping supply.

Global ESG investments are set to reach $53 trillion by 2025, representing a third of the total global assets under management and predicted to hit $37.8 trillion by 2023. This demand is due to social and demographic shifts, data & technology. Millennials and GenZers are increasingly likely to select their portfolios based on companies that measure up to ESG metrics. While there is strong demand, socially conscious entrepreneurs should deliver ESG projects.

Demand for Renewables

The world’s mission is to be carbon neutral by 2050, whereas Australia is by 2030. To achieve these targets, developing renewable energy projects will require significant investment.

data demand

Demand for Data

The data industry doubles every four years. However, most data centres are powered by fossil fuels. The is a strong need to build green data centres powered by green energy.

housing demand

Demand for Housing

Housing demand has been around for decades, especially for affordable housing. It is a problem for every government taking office. Many have made promises, but they are not fulfilled.

our solution

Deliver environmentally sustainable property developments.

We have developed a holistic concept for real estate developers, community housing providers, governments & private investors to build community-based projects and infrastructure that sustains long-term value, and significantly improves yields and returns for everyone.

AYR integrated business model

green urban infrastructure

Green energy and data to urban areas where it’s needed most.

Our modular data centres powered by roof or canopy solar increases yields, raise capital and provide a positive social impact and benefit to the community. They can be integrated into many types of property developments.

  • New housing property developments

  • Infrastructure property developments
  • Existing urban buildings
  • Open parking lots

As an innovative group, AYR is always thinking outside the box. Wherever we apply our integrated business model, we also look for additional revenue streams. These can include electric vehicle charge stations, and modular retail centres, like Christchurch’s ReStart modular retail centre.

green sustainable city

AYR Projects are aligned with our ESG principles, and our philosophy is simple.

We strongly believe in ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principals.

ESG Principles

Property development projects should not be solely undertaken and based purely on profit. It’s our belief we need a more integrated and sustainable real estate industry that focuses on community needs, and developments should have a positive social impact. This means incorporating improved design standards for more sustainable, community-focused developments that improve and enhance ‘quality of life’. It also means engaging the community to determine environmental and social impacts, increasing housing affordability, reducing material waste, and lowering energy consumption and emissions.

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